Virgil Dortch of United Group Associations

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Anyone who receives a phone call or email from the company United Group Associations needs to be aware of the manager Virgil Dortch who runs this company!He is a liar and will tell you anything to get you in the door to pay the $350.00 "sign up" fee!

You should not have to pay anything for a decent job! After he reels you in he will give all of his leads to his son and lie to any and everyone he can! Watch out b/c he will bad mouth you too! He talks trash about everyone behind there back!

He is a sneaky lying pig! He treats all of his employees like dirt! Watch out for him!

He is recruiting every week and will try to get you!!!

Review about: Health Insurance.


Jishan, Hubei, China #38071

Chump plain and simple


Virgil Dortch is a lier and a cheater United Group Associations should be sued

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